Love In The Time of Technology

by Eleanor Foa Dienstag on Playing Around

"...a truly fascinating play, tailor made for the Information Technology world we live in, yet very much an old-fashioned morality tale. It raises serious issues – about technology, about marriage — but in a humorous, often satiric, way, and takes its audience on an intriguing journey full of surprises."

"It’s quite a ride and, to my surprise, Act 2 is even better than Act 1."

"This is a first-rate production, expertly directed by Michael Unger. It’s a pleasure to watch it unfold in this intimate theater. The simple but remarkably efficient set design, by Kris Stone, and the complex media projection, by David Bengali, work perfectly. Jack Noseworthy is totally mesmerizing as the larger-than-life Elliot Leeds. Jackson has created a high-level snake charmer — wonky, seductive, manipulative — and Noseworthy makes him absolutely believable and compelling. Michael Sean McGuinness is equally accomplished and forceful as the self-absorbed TV commentator Jerry Gold. And Antoinette LaVecchia chews up the scenery as the hard-driving, take-no-prisoners CEO, threatened by Leeds’ reanimation."

"I really enjoyed this entertaining and intellectually stimulating play. And for all you techies out there, don’t miss it!"

"I look forward to Jeffrey Jackson’s future work. He is a playwright to watch."