Two Point Oh

by Shoshana Roberts

"Jackson brings up issues that we will most likely be facing in the near future."

"Each of these actors displays their craft excellently: Noseworthy acts through a two dimensional screen, but gave us no less of a dynamic performance than the actors who we are able to observe in the flesh. Graves' emotions tug on your heartstrings with a heart wrenching scene of grief. Ludwig has brilliant chemistry with Graves that gives excitement to this cerebral play. Humor is mixed in throughout the script for all the characters, but LaVecchia and McGuinness take the cake for best comedic scene."

"Jackson exposes our minds to ideas that intrigue and surprise us. To accomplish this feat of futuristic technology the technical production aspects of Two Point Oh are incredible. The creative team engineered a way for Noseworthy to act and respond through a centrally located screen on the set, as we never see him in person throughout the show. In other scenes the opposite occurs, with McGuinness projected onto the back wall while we also watch him in person. Two Point Oh is breaking boundaries with mixed media!"

"It is a wonderful show."

"Two Point Oh sparks light into recesses of your mind that might not have been utilized in years. Director Michael Unger leads the team well and it was nice to see the creative crew and the cast were on the same wavelength as they joined together to create the world of the play. Even now, days later, my boyfriend is still talking about the show and quoting the script."