Elliot Leeds is dead—or is he?
A pioneering software mogul, Leeds makes headlines one last time when his private jet plunges into the Pacific. Months later, his grief-paralyzed widow Melanie discovers Elliot’s greatest creation: a virtual-reality simulation of himself that he masterminded before his demise. Programmed with advanced artificial intelligence, thousands of hours of his recorded thoughts and speech, and a digital re-creation of his face and body, “Elliot 2.0” is a talking, thinking, virtual soul. And though merely an image on the video screens of their wired, high-tech mansion, it—he—can answer questions, hold conversations, share memories, and perhaps even grow in intelligence and capacity. The question is... is he alive?

With wry wit, devilish satire, and a unique format (the actor portraying Elliot is only ever seen via a large video screen), Two Point Oh playfully wrestles with serious issues that confront humanity as we continue to push the technological envelope, exposing the ethical dilemmas that perhaps lie in wait for us—and not as far down the road as we might think.